QR code ticket add-ons balance

Your balance is allowed to go negative, up to a point, for testing. After this, you need to send payment (we’ll contact you when this is the case; no news, good news) or the service will be disabled.

The balance is linked to your email address, and takes into account all forms and spreadsheets where you enabled the add-ons.

What is free

QR generation (and sending by email for Google Forms) is free.
This means you can freely activate the add-on and let it send tickets to attendees while you are exploring payment options.

You can check-in up to 20 attendees per event, for free. This is a soft limit, and you can be allowed to go past it for several reasons (promotions, some non-profit events, etc.)

What we charge for

We currently charge for the add-ons themselves only when providing support and customization for large events (starting from $20). This will change in the future.

We receive payments mainly by Paypal (use eric.kedji@gmail.com as the receiver’s address).
Please specify the email you used to sign up for the addon, and the name of your form or spreadsheet in the payment description.

You can reach-out help by EmailTelegram or Whatsapp for more payment options, waivers, and discounts.