QR code process tracking use cases

QR codes make it easy to reliably and conveniently transfer information from the real world to computers. This makes them an ideal tool for process tracking and automation use cases. Some popular use cases are described in the following pages.

Every one of those use cases can be selected when creating an new QR code process tracking app. Once created, actions (new QR code scans) in the app can automatically run actions in over 5000 external apps, using our Zapier Trak QR automation integration.

You can also check our demo videos on the Trak QR Youtube channel.

If you are using Google products, checkout our QR code attendee plugins for Google Sheets™ and Google Forms™, and our QR code loyalty card for vouchers add-on.

Need help setting up a custom QR process tracking app? Reach out, and we’ll recommend a set of steps, forms, validation rules, and dashboards fine-tuned to your use case.