“QR Code Loyalty Cards For Vouchers” Google Forms™ Addon

QR Code Loyalty Cards For Vouchers” is our Google Forms™ addon that makes it easy to register customers, then give and deduce vouchers for them, using QR codes.

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Whenever someone submits your form, they will receive by email a pass with a QR code, which will be used as their customer loyalty card. The initial (Configuration tab) page of the addon is used to setup the title and content of the email sent to form responders. If you’re not automatically collecting email, the addon will let you specify the field where users manually enter their email.

When you save settings for the first time, the addon will transparently configure an app on our QR code tracking platform for you. This step is based on the field configured for your form, so make sure you are done designing your form questions before using the addon. But don’t panic if you need to change your form : just save the settings again and everything will be refreshed.

From the Dashboard tab, you can scan any QR code loyalty card to give a voucher or spend it. Scanning is easier from a smartphone (though you can use your laptop with a camera too). The addon will display a QR code for each action. Scan that code from your smartphone and follow the link to have access to your QR pass scanner ou lookup page.

You can scan a group of QR code loyalty cards (for giving or spending vouchers), by showing them to the camera one after another, in quick succession. Currently, the title on QR passes is derived from name fields in your form, and the subtitle is the responder email. These (and the design) can easily be changed on request.

Sample QR code loyalty card for vouchers

You also have access to several reports (recently earned, recently spent, etc.), which you can export to Excel. You can also download all QR passes here, if you need to print them for your customers (though you can directly scan the PDF on their phone to avoid printing).

This service is free for less than 20 form responses. Please reach out for more responses or for any custom data collection configuration.

Post-install tips

Make sure one of your form fields collects the user’s email, then select that field in the configuration to setup QR code pass generation.

Labels on the QR code loyalty card PDF will be automatically build from questions with “name” in their title, or the first question in the form.

Feel free to submit a test response to the form yourself, and check your email for a sample QR code loyalty card.

Next, you can use the actions buttons from the addon UI to add or spend vouchers, by scanning the loyalty card, and entering an amount. You’ll see the results of your scans reflected in the reports.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add other staff to help scan customer loyalty cards?
Use management is not yet integrated in the addon, but supported by the underlying platform. Please get in touch and we’ll activate it for you.

How do I customize the design of the PDF QR code pass?
Your QR title and subtitle will use default settings derived from your form. Those defaults might not suit you though, either because you prefer static text, or data from different fields. Until this setting is exposed inside the addon, you can reach out and we’ll handle it for you.

Can I import customers that registered through other means?
Yes, the companion app used for check-in can also be used to manually register people, using the “Registration” button. Bulk import from a CSV is also possible, though not currently activated by default. Please reach out and we’ll help you. This also applies to custom logos on the PDF, or completely custom designs.

How do I add a shortcut for the validation camera on my smartphone’s homescreen?
You can use “Install app” or similar from your browser’s menu, or click the “Android app” link at the bottom of the page.

Terms of use

By using this addon, you agree to:

  • Let us collect and use data submitted by form responders to generate QR code passes and track attendance.
  • Keep the attribution on generated QR passes, unless explicitly authorized to remove it.
  • Understand that the addon is provided as is and we are not liable for any damages.
  • Contact us with questions.